Born October 25, 1966 in Calabria, Italy.
Born and raised in a coastal resort, he learned about the origins of hospitality at his grandmother's lokanda (a guest house serving local cuisine). After studying at a local restaurant and a five-star hotel while still in school, he studied in England, Spain, and the United States before coming to Japan in 1991 and opening authentic Italian restaurants one after another in Japan at that time. produce. In 1996, he opened a restaurant in Kojimachi, Tokyo, where he became the owner and chef, feeling that the food culture of southern Italy would be better understood in Japan. We continue to introduce Italian food culture to Japan while adhering to our policy of providing only delicious, safe, and safe food for our families.




Born in Calabria, Southern Italy in 1978. He spent his youth in a village on a small hill facing the Ionian Sea. From a young age, his father taught him the secrets of cheese making that have been passed down in the family for generations. After that, he went to a local dairy farm to hone his cheese-making skills. At the age of 20, when he started working on the cheese farm of Fattoria Bio, in the heart of Calabria, surrounded by the most beautiful scenery in the Sila Mountains, Fattoria Bio owners Saverio and Mario Grillo quickly recognized his talent and promoted him to the team. I put him in one of the core members. He also attended various trainings and seminars in Italy to broaden his knowledge of the dairy industry. After working at Fattoria Bio for about 15 years, I took my experience to the next level and created Fattoria Bio Hokkaido's "Importing the best Italian cheeses and their production methods to Japan, spreading the Italian fresh cheese culture to the Japanese archipelago". We have joined the challenge of



In 2009, he established North United Co., Ltd., which mainly handles planning and sales of food products and sales strategies. In 2013, together with Italian restaurant owner Elio Orsala, he invited Giovanni Graziano, a cheese maker from southern Italy, to Hokkaido, established Fattoriabio Hokkaido Co., Ltd., and spread the food cultures of Hokkaido and Italy. We are developing our business as a manufacturer of natural cheeses that have been fused.